5 Efficient Ways to Boost Your Sales and Conversion Rates

When it comes to conversion and sales for your e-commerce site, the more efficient your optimization strategies are, the better of you will be. Ultimately, it is all a numbers game as the viability and profitability of your e-commerce store depends on how better you are at not only getting more clients to visit your website, but by getting them to buy more. While most strategies focus on content marketing, social media marketing, PPC, and SEO, conversion optimization is even more important as it encourages customers to buy after visiting.

How to Boost Your Sales and Conversion Rates for Ecommerce Site

Here are five simple ways to enhance your conversions and sales for a more profitable e-commerce store:

1. Use Effective Product Images

Effective Product Images

I am certain that you have heard it said many times how important it is to have good product images for your e-commerce store. The advice remains relevant, and it is highly unlikely that it will change anytime soon. Consumers have a tendency to attribute the quality of product to image and so having bad product images will make the harder to move inventory. Buying products online is all about trust, and you cannot expect a consumer to buy your products if your pictures look like a 1980s photograph scan. You need to either get a professional photographer or learn to take better quality pictures. Additionally, ensure that you optimize your images for SEO and save them correctly to ensure they load fast and do not slow down your website’s loading speeds.

2. Call to Action buttons

A lot has been said about the call to action (CTA) buttons including their size, position, and color. However, an essential thing you can do to enhance sales conversions is to ensure that your buttons are;

  • Natural – It has to be stand out and be in a natural place the client expects to find it on the checkout pages.
  • Single – Ensure that you have only one call to action as too many CTAs can cause confusion by giving the customer too many options.
  • Consistent – Your CTAs need to be of the same size, have the same color, and be in the same location throughout the site.

3. Build Confidence and Credibility in your Store

Build confidence and trust

Unless you are eBay or Amazon, customers will be reluctant to buy without first being confident if they can trust your site. However, with a few tweaks that you can borrow from the big e-commerce retailers, you can enhance the confidence and trust that customers have on your e-commerce site. Some of the simplest tweaks that you can make include showing a purchase summary and displaying a progress indicator during the buying process. Another simple tweak that you can make is securing transactions through SSL encryption and displaying such security credentials on the checkout pages.

4. Split Test Relentlessly

You will not be privy to how much business you are leaving on the table unless you are ready ruthlessly split test your landing pages. Like it or not, the clientele for your products have unique tendencies and preferences that may or may not work for you even if they are effective when employed by the competition. The only approach to finding out what works with your audience is to split test until you find the best-converting formats. Some split testing/AB testing tools that you may try out include Lead Pages or the good old Google Analytics goal conversions tab and experiments.

5. Better Product Description/Improve Copy

While the Internet is a visual medium, when it comes to your e-commerce store, the written word is more important in making that all-important sale. The way you write your product descriptions should not only be about SEO but should also describe the features and benefits, and Call to Actions significantly affects your conversion rate. An effective product description/sales copy leads with benefits but also includes features and specifications. Different e-commerce verticals will typically require different techniques depending on target demographic, brand image, and product on sale. The differentiation is one of the reasons why you need to split test relentlessly until you find copy that converts best for your store.

Your conversion rate is one of the most vital components of your e-commerce business and is an important indicator of future sales projections. By implementing these tweaks on your site, you will significantly boost your sales and eventually, the conversion rates.

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