5 Tips to Choose the Best WordPress Theme for Your Blog

Believe or not there are thousand of WordPress Themes out there, and choosing the best WordPress theme for your website can be more upsetting than you think.

You must consider this step as the most important one while building your website because how the site looks matters a lot and you will hang out with the theme for quite long time.

Which WordPress Theme is Best for me?

I have been dealing with WordPress for about 5 years so I decided to create this guide to help you to choose the Best WordPress Theme.

Call your brain's future

Before you even start to check out the themes design, you should imagine it in your mind first and ask yourself these questions.

  • Is my site going to have a lot of content, or it will be simply a landing page?
  • Can it easy be developed to fit my brand’s requirements?
  • Is it SEO Optimized and mobile responsive?
  • Do I have fully support by developers?
  • How my site will look after 3-6 months?

Answering to all of these questions will prevent a lot of frustration in your future because you will know that after a lot of researchments you have chosen the best WordPress theme.

No regrets!!!

Now let’s simplify each of these questions.

Reading these steps matters a lot because how the heck you can answer things you don’t know about?

Free themes versus Paid One’s

I hope you didn’t forget so quickly the fifth question (How my site will look after 3-6 months?).

We can’t deny the fact that there are many and many free themes that are just amazing and updated regularly like Twenty Sixteen.


Free themes can be a push up for newbies that are broke with money in the beginning,  but let’s talk the truth with Twenty Sixteen WordPress theme you can’t build the big brand blog you are imaging of.

SEO Capability 

Picking up an SEO Optimized theme is absolutely a must and you should take care of it. The fancy themes that you see in demos sometimes generate poorly coded scripts in JavaScript and Html5 that can affect your website’s visibility on the search engines. Checking all the pages for these kind of scripts it is very difficult so that’s why you must check the theme description if the pages are optimized.

I’ve noticed WordPress themes at MyThemeShop are highly SEO optimized. A theme that is well-optimized for SEO has more potential to bring in organic traffic from search engines which is why I always prefer buying my themes from MyThemeShop. Moreover, I just love their extra-ordinary customer support. Whenever I am stuck with a problem, their support representatives are there to help you out.

Browse SEO-Friendly WordPress Themes

Reviews and Support

Support must be considered as an important indicator before purchasing a WordPress theme because however pro you are in WordPress you will still need a little help from them, of course this doesn’t go for beginners where they look for them just a baby for his mom.

Looking for a reliable web host? Read this SiteGround Review to learn more about the best hosting service.

Theme Options

Almost all the WordPress themes give the credibility to change a few basics from the admin dashboard like logo, header banners, sidebar, footer…

If you have coding skills, I’m sure that you will try to tweak with the template or even creating a Child Theme but if you don’t then make sure that the theme gives the ability to change what you want (ask support for this).

It should be better if the theme also includes a Page Builder plugin that allows you to create layouts and pages with the drag and drop skills.

Responsiveness is a MUST

A case study by Smartinsights shows that mobile users grow 58% year over year.

This means that the most of your audience will check your website by smartphones and tablets?

How will you delight them?

With a fancy responsive website that they can’t stop scrolling or with an outdated unresponsive website?

There are even rumors that having a mobile-friendly website is a ranking signal.

Who knows?

Last Words

At all finding the best WordPress theme it doesn’t involve more then picking up the snappiest

Never forget to be UNIQUE.

Add something.

This is it all from my guide, I hope this will help you selecting the best WordPress theme for blog.

It will be great to know if you would comment below the theme you chose for your blog and why.

Looking forward to hear from you.

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