Proven Strategies to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

The ultimate goal of every blogger is to build audience on their blog. However, there are different strategies to achieve this goal. There are a lot of techniques that could help you increase website traffic fast but there are more reliable and long-lasting strategies as well. Some would go for black-hat techniques that involve use of traffic bots to get organic traffic whereas some bloggers prefer staying clean and adapt white-hat SEO techniques to drive traffic to their blog. If you are getting paid traffic, chances are that your blog will get penalized soon as Google constantly keeps on updating its algorithms to tackle such frauds.

How to drive traffic to your blog the right way

While there exist so many black-hat strategies to drive traffic, there are a lot of ethical techniques that help you get organic traffic to your blog. All it needs is some hard work and more importantly, patience. Blogging demands lots of patience and persistence. Everyone wants to build a passive income source and earn dollars while he sleeps but it’s not as easy as it looks.

Content is King

Content is King- Drive Traffic to Blog

Experienced bloggers always focus on creating quality content. Content is king, no doubt, but one should also plan to promote that content. If you spend 5 hours on creating quality content but don’t promote it well, that content is never going to get any eyeballs. I would always follow the 80-20 rule which means I spend 20% of my time in creating content and 80% of my time in promoting that content. I am going to share with you some proven strategies that helped me drive insane amount of traffic in my initial weeks of blogging.

The first tip to every newbie blogger is to submit website to search engines specially Google and Bing. This ensures that your website gets indexed faster and above all, you can actually analyze your website performance using Google Webmaster tools. Once you have submitted your website to search engines, you are good to go.

For each article you publish, you must promote it on social bookmarking sites. This will boost your website traffic in the initial days when there is no traffic from search engines. Here is what you should do once you have published an article on your blog.


Pinterest is a social bookmarking site which ranks as the 15th most visited website in the United States. To submit your content on Pinterest, you Pin it using an image, link and description. What changes the game on Pinterest is those beautifully designed images that capture viewer’s attention in first place. Pinterest users (pinners) love vertical pins that are aesthetically designed. If you create good pins for your content, you can grab tons of traffic from Pinterest. Since Pinterest is based on visual content, the design of your pins is all that matters. Another tip to get good traffic from Pinterest is to keep boards organized and write rich description for pins so that they are easy to find.


Reddit ranks as the 45th most visited website in the United States. Statistics show that Reddit had 37 Billion page views in 2012. Reddit is very simple to use. There are sub-reddits for various categories. For example, you want to promote an article about iPhone, just find the sub-reddit ‘iPhone’ and submit your link there. The trick is to write a catchy title to your link that grab’s reader’s attention.


StumbleUpon is another social bookmarking site that allows you to submit your content. This website is World’s 221st Most popular in the world. A huge number of users visit StumbleUpon on daily basis to discover interesting content. If you think your content is share worthy, you must submit it to StumbleUpon. This will boost your blog traffic and you will see hundreds and thousands of visitors in no time. People who like your content would love sharing it on social media platforms which would ultimately send you some more traffic juice.

There are a lot of other social bookmarking sites as well including Digg and Delicious. If you can’t take much work, just start with these 3 websites mentioned above to drive traffic to your website or blog. There is this simple tip to get tons of traffic from all social bookmarking sites:

Create share-worthy content. Write for humans, and not for search engines.

If you face any trouble while setting up your account on any of these sites, feel free to ask in the comments section below.


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