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“My web host sucks” say majority of the bloggers who haven’t done any research before starting their blogs.

I’ve been with Siteground for a long time now and I am a proud client. Have never had any issues within the last couple of years, and even if there was a problem, their customer support was always there to help me out.

But being an affiliate marketer, I need to have multiple “reliable” hosts where I could host my different websites. Bluehost/Hostgator isn’t an option. In fact, I’d stay away from all EIG owned hosting companies. They suck and their customer support is even worst.

Don’t believe me? Check it here.

Hostinger ReviewSo you’re left with very few options. You don’t want to end up wasting your money on a poor hosting service with third-class customer support team. Beside money, you don’t even want to give up your peace of mind in exchange for pathetic service.

This is when I came across an insightful Hostinger review and decided to give it a try. Thought I should share my honest experience with you. But before I begin my Hostinger review, here is the summary of how to choose your web host:

  • If budget is not a problem, go for Siteground. You’ll love their customer support.
  • If you’re on a tight budget but still can’t compromise on Quality and most importantly, customer support, then Hostinger should be your first priority.

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Hostinger Customer Support

I even prioritize customer support over hosting quality because if the customer support team isn’t available for help, you’re lost.  Most bloggers are not well versed with tech stuff and they get frustrated when there is a problem with their website.

When contacting customer support of a majority of web hosts, it takes at-leat 15-20 minutes on average which upsets me. I recently connected with someone on Hostgator for a client’s website, and it took them 27 minutes to respond.

This is NOT the case with Hostinger. I contacted their customer support team thrice and was connected in less than  1 minute on average. At one time, it was as fast as 10 seconds. And once connected, their support team is very helpful.

I used to say good stuff about Siteground team and how their support team can even make you a cup of coffee if you connect with them.

But if there is any hosting support team I admire after Siteground, it’s Hostinger without any doubt.


Their pricing is very competitive which gives them an edge over the competition. You can get started with as low as $2.15 /mo. if you’re just starting out. Once you grow, you can easily switch to bigger plans.

Hostinger Pricing

If you’re unsure about which hosting plan is right for your website, check out this Hostinger review by Satori Webmaster Academy.

The feeling of having a helpful customer support team is awesome. And Hostinger enables you to enjoy that feeling at a very low price as compared to competitors. So you shouldn’t be missing out on it if you are looking for an affordable host and peace of mind.

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