How to Earn Money Online – 100+ ways to Make Money From Home in 2018

Were you just wondering how to earn money online? Yes, and that’s why you are here. One cannot deny the fact that internet has blessed us with a lot of opportunities. One of the major benefit internet has provided us is to work from the comfort of our home. People like you and me prefer working for home at flexible hours while enjoying the other blessings of life. People have now established multi-million dollar businesses online. In fact, people are now quitting their jobs and moving to start their full-time businesses on internet. I have compiled a list of authentic 100+ ways through which you can earn money online from home without investment.

How to earn money online – 100+ Guaranteed Platforms

101 ways to make money online

Before I start writing about the methods to make money online, I would like to tell you that some of these methods are personally tried and tested. Apart from the methods I have personally used, all other ways to earn online are legitimate and perfectly working. Also, there are a lot of other ways to make money online which are not mentioned here. This list contains only the best ways available to earn money online without paying anything. Some of these methods require you to have a blog or website, however, I will share other methods as well to make money without a blog or website.

Make Money Blogging

This is one of the best ways to make money online. Though this method will take some time before you start making money, this is one of the most lucrative ways to earn money online from home. Pat Flynn is a famous American blogger and podcaster who makes a lot of money online with blogging. His income reports show that he has made more than 1.4 Million Dollars in the past 12 months. Fascinating? But it comes after a lot of hard work and patience. If you are interested in making a career in blogging, you should follow this ultimate guide to get started now:

A step-by-step guide to create a blog on WordPress

If you already have a blog, go ahead and start making money with blogging by following these methods.

Before you go ahead, here are some acronyms you should know to fully understand mechanism of Ad Networks:

CPC – Cost per Click (Publisher is paid when user clicks)

CPI – Cost per Impression (Publisher is paid when ad is displayed)

CPM – Cost per thousand impressions

CPA – Cost per Action (Publisher gets paid when user performs required action e.g. signup, purchase, etc.)

Ad Networks

Ad networks allow you to make money by displaying advertisements on your blog. While different networks follow different payment models, most of the Ad networks follow CPC model. The good thing about Ad networks is that you don’t need to pay anything to these networks  to get started. All you have to do is to sign up, get approved and start making money with Ads. Here is a list of Ad networks through which you can monetize you website or blog.

1. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is by far the best Ads Network to monetize your website or blog. If you have a healthy amount of traffic on your blog, you can make handsome income with Google Adsense. All you have to do is to sign up for Google Adsense. Once your account is approved, you can start displaying ads on your website. The best thing about Adsesne is that they display ads that are relevant to your blog content, that increase the chance of clicks on those Ads.

Model: CPC

2. Infolinks


Infolinks is another advertising platform that allows you to make money online by displaying ads on your website. The unique feature about infolinks is that it delivers intent-driven ads which means that displayed ads are customized on user’s behavior. This makes sure that right ad is delivered to right user at right time. Infolinks is the 3rd largest Ad marketplace with more than 150,000 publishers across the globe.  Infolinks has no minimum traffic requirement and can be used with any  blog or website.


3. is another ads network that delivers contextual ads from Yahoo, Bing. claims to serve advertisements relevant to your content no matter what niche are you in. There are big names that are already using including Forbes, Reuters and Yahoo. offers 100% fill rate aross all verticals and ad formats.

Model: CPA, CPC, CPM

4. BuySellAds


BuySellAds, also known as BSA, works as a middleman between advertisers and publishers. BSA works on a different model as compared to other Ad networks. In BSA, publishers advertise available space for Ads on their website. When an advertiser purchases that Ad slot, BSA takes 25% of the total transaction amount which is pretty fair as compared to other Ad networks that charge publishers 30-40% of the transaction amount.

More Ad Networks


6. PulsePoint

7. BlogAds

8. PropellerAds

9. Clicksor

10. Bidvertiser

11. Undertone

12. AdBlade

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts or sponsored product review is another attractive way to make money with blogging. Some bloggers avoid monetizing their blogs by displaying ads and instead make money through sponsored posts. When a blogger writes a product or service review of a third party on his website, this is known as a sponsored post or a sponsored review. The company whose product is being reviewed pays a handsome money to the blogger.

However, everyone cannot monetize their blog with sponsored posts. It totally depends upon the niche you are in. If your blog niche is food, sports, health, etc. , it is quite possible that you can easily approach potential clients to write a sponsored post for them. Bloggers who are in blogging niche would mostly do sponsored posts on SEO tools, Hosting, Themes, etc. A sponsored post may cost between $50-$1000 depending upon the audience on the blog. It can even cost more when the post is published on a high quality blog.

Here are some platforms where you can find sponsored post opportunities:

13. Mode Media

14. Federated Media

15. BlogHer

16. Weave Made Media

17. Sverve

18. Massive Sway

19. Popsugar

20. Healthy Aperture

21. Tap Influence

22. Markerly

Other than the platforms mentioned above, you can also personally pitch companies for sponsored posts. If you are smart enough to find potential companies who are willing to pay for a sponsored post, you can turn your blog into a gold mine.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is regarded as one of the top ways to make money online. Being an affiliate marketer, you can make money even without a blog or a website. An affiliate marketer sells products and gets commission. There are some companies that accept direct affiliates whereas most of companies outsource their affiliate activities to big affiliate networks.

Here is a list of affiliate networks where you will find tons of opportunities to make money with affiliate marketing:

23. ShareASale

A performance marketing network that allows you to earn commissions by generating sales.

24. LinkShare

LinkShare claims itself to be the largest pay-per-performance network on internet.

25. ClickBank

ClickBank is an online marketplace that contains digital information products. ClickBank currently serves more than 100,000 active affiliates and 10,000+ digital products.

26. CJ (Commission Junction)

CJ is an online advertising company owned by Conversant, Inc. Working with CJ as an affiliate marketer gives you the opportunity to promote a vast variety of products.

27. Amazon Affiliate Network

Amazon is the giant of e-commerce ranked as largest online retailer in the United States. You can promote any kind of time from a huge collection of items available on Amazon, and earn decent commissions.

Here are some niche-specific companies that allow you to become an affiliate:

Web Hosting

You can make money from home by marketing web hosting services of the following companies:

28. HostGator

29. BlueHost

30. DreamHost

31. GoDaddy

32. SiteGround

33. Traffic Planet


You can make a decent amount of money online by promoting themes from these marketplaces using your affiliate link:

34. TemplateMonster

35. MyThemeShop

36. ThemeIsle

37. Elegant Themes

38. WooThemes

39. ThemeJunkie

40. ZappyThemes

You can register as an affiliate on all the sites mentioned above and start making money as an affiliate marketer. Once you are approved as an affiliate, you will get an affiliate link and other promotional material including banners, images, etc. to promote their content on your network.

Make Money Freelancing

A freelancer is someone who is self-employed as doesn’t work for any employer. You can also work as a freelancer and make money from home using these freelancing platforms:


Guru has more than 1.5 million registered freelancers in different fields including programming, web design and development, graphics design, writing, finance, legal, etc.

42. Upwork

Upwork is the leading global freelancing platform that connects employers with freelancers. Upwork was recently formed when Elance-oDesk was rebranded. A careful estimate states that there are more than 5 million employers registered on upwork which means there is a lot of earning potential if you work with passion and dedication. All you need to do is to create an account and start bidding on projects of your interest.

43. Fiverr

Fiverr is another global freelancing platform where you can showcase your products and services starting from $5. Your services are known as “Gigs” on fiverr. Once you grow, you can customize pricing of your gigs which enable you to earn a lot of money. Some of the gigs that sell the most on fiverr include logo design, video editing, article writing, etc.

44. PeoplePerHour

As the name suggests, PeoplePerHour (PPH) allows freelancers to work on projects on hourly basis. If you have got a technical skill and are confident about it, you can make a decent income by working on PeoplePerHour.

45. 99Designs

99Designs is online marketplace dedicated for Graphic Designers.

46.Rent a Coder

Rent a Coder is a dedicated online marketplace for programmers and web developers. However, you can also find some writing and designing jobs on this platform.

47. SeoClerks

SeoClerks is the larget SEO online marketplace on internet. If you know your job, you can make tons of money by working on SeoClerks.

48. PrestoExperts

Formerly known as LivePerson Experts, PrestoExperts is an online freelancing platform that enables experts to offer live support. Majority of clients on PrestoExperts are students who are looking for help with their academic stuff. If you were a geek at any course during your college days, this is the best platform for you. Just register for an account and setup your profile in the category that suits you. Your account will be reviewed before you can start responding to clients’ requests.

49. is an online platform that offers online tutoring to students struggling in their academics. You can register here as a tutor and start teaching students online.

50. WPHired

WPHired is an online marketplace where you can find thousands of WordPress related jobs. If you are a WordPress expert, you must register on this platform.

Make Money Teaching Online

This is one of the most famous ways to earn money online. Here are some platforms where you can make money by teaching:

51. Udemy

Udemy is the market leader when it comes to make money online by teaching. It doesn’t matter if you a specific skill or not. Just create a video course of about anything you know and upload on udemy. Creating a video course is not a tough job. You can use any screen recording tool to create a video course. Once you have created a course, just upload it on Udemy and start making money from the comfort of home.

This is one of the finest ways to make money online. You can generate passive income from Udemy if your courses go popular. To get stared on Udemy, all you need to have is a computer, microphone and internet connection.

Here are some other platforms where you can upload your courses:

52. Teachable

53. Skillshare

54. WizIQ

55. StackSkills

Make Money Writing

If you are good at writing, this list is a gold mine for you. Just create an account on some of these websites and start making money in no time.


57. A List Apart

Get $200 for each approved post.



60. ListVerse

Get $100 for each accepted post.

61. TopTenz

Earn $50 for each accepted post.

62. Uxbooth

With Uxbooth, you can make $100 for each accepted post.

63. iWriter

iWriter pays upto $15 for every post that meets their acceptance criteria.

64. TextBroker

5 cents per word.


If you deliver quality content, I am sure you can easily create thousands of dollars per month by working on these sites.

Make Money Creating Videos

You can create useful video tutorials and interesting videos and monetize them using any of the following platforms:

66. Youtube

67. Vimeo

68. Dailymotion

69. MetaCafe



Make Money Photography

If you have a passion for photography or graphics, you can earn a decent amount by selling your creative work on the following platforms:

71. iStockPhoto

72. Flickr

73. ShutterStock

74. ShutterPoint

75. DeviantArt

To make money on these websites, all you have to do is to sign up on these platforms and upload your original photos. People who like your work will contact you through these platforms.


Make Money Trading Domains

This is another lucrative business which requires very small investment but can give huge profits. All you have to do is to keep an eye on the market trends. Just buy domains you think you can sell in near future. A domain costs $0.99 on GoDaddy but if domain name is good, it can sell for thousands of dollars. You can also sell your blogs or websites on the following platforms.

76. Flippa

77. BuySellWebsite










Make Money Selling Apps

This is an era of smartphones and there is a huge demand of applications in the smartphone industry. If you know how to create mobile apps, you can make money by selling those apps on the following platforms.

86. Appsplit

87. Appbackr

88. Sellmyapp

89. Apptopa

90. ChupaMobile


Make Money as a Translator

If you have command on any of the languages like English, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, German or French, you can earn money online by working on the following platform as a translator.



93. TranslatorsCafe



Make Money as a Web Hosting Re-seller

You can become a web hosting re-seller without having to worry about the technical setup. All you have to do is to purchase a re-seller account with any of the hosting company listed below and start selling it to your clients.

96. GoDaddy

97. HostGator

98. A Small Orange

99. SiteGround

100. InMotion


Bonus Tip

When you register an account with any of the platforms mentioned in this article, make sure you have 24/7 access to the email you provide while creating the account. This is important because all notifications are sent out on the email you use to register. So make sure you don’t miss any opportunity.


Final Thoughts

All platforms listed in this article are guaranteed to generate income if you work with passion and dedication. These platforms will allow you to earn money online while working from your home. You can be your own boss if you start working on any of these platforms right now.  If you have any query, feel free to discuss in the comments section below.

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