6 Strange Ways You Can Actually Make Money Online

There is definitely no need to deny that the Internet does play an important role in each and every one’s daily routines. Almost everything nowadays can be done over the Internet with just a few clicks and taps. This power and freedom that the Internet provides had some people thinking, “Well, I can earn money online, can’t I?”

Of course, you can!

Now, you no longer have to leave your house and get out of your comfy pajamas just to make a few bucks.

Today, I will be listing some of the unconventional ways you can actually make money online. While it is still a good thing to have a regular day job, but earning more from jobs on the side, especially if you have a lot of free time, does not hurt at all. Not everything on this list is easy, some are challenging, but can be quite a lot of fun once you got the hang of it.

1. Answering Online Surveys

Did you know that there are probably tens—or probably hundreds—of thousands of websites on the Internet today that pays you just to fill out some kind of surveys from and for their clients? These clients, mostly anonymous, put their customers’ opinions above anything else that is why it is important that they know what people actually think about their products and services. This type of online job is best suited for people who keep a tight schedule. You can answer those surveys whenever you are free from other responsibilities and you can do it as often as you can. It goes without saying then that the job is too easy and that the more surveys you completely fill out, the more money you earn. Imagine yourself using your entire weekend answering surveys. It would certainly not make you a millionaire, but you will be on your way.

2. Writing for Websites

In simpler terms, you will be a freelance writer. Websites will pay for your ideas per word in the form of an accomplished article. Imagine reaching out to thousands of people and getting paid for it. Unlike answering online surveys, writing for websites is definitely not something you can do anytime you want. You will have deadlines to meet. Since websites that publish articles mostly keep an editorial calendar, they often have a fast turnaround time. You must always be flexible and open-minded especially about the topics you will be assigned to you. If you are given a topic that is not really in your area of expertise, be sure to do your own research and double-check your facts before turning in your article. You certainly do not want to compromise your credibility for a few bucks, of course.

3. Trading Assets Online

While there are many forms of trading, investing in stocks with binary options is the easiest you can learn if you are a beginner. There are no complex financial decisions that you have to make since you only have to choose between two. You are to predict if the price of your chosen asset will either go down or up in a specified time. Trading digital options poses some financial risks, so it is recommended to get into binary options if you have an extra money in the bank that you can use to start trading.

Trading Online Assets

4. Selling Stuff You No Longer Need

Clear out your basement and find things that can still be sold online. Do you have shirts that no longer fit you or an old couch that does not match with your new wall paint? Let your old, loved belongings have new owners! This benefits you in many ways—not only that it frees up some space in your house or bedroom, but you also get to earn cash. You can post these things online and it is only a matter of time before you receive tons of messages from people who express their interest. There are a lot of websites that let you post an advertisement. You can try craigslist or eBay.

5. Becoming a Viral YouTube Star

It was not long ago when Youtube launched an initiative called Youtube Partner which aims for Youtube uploaders or users to earn money per visit and view on their videos. Nowadays, it does not really take a college degree to create a viral video. Just think about an idea which will reach and relate to many people of different cultures and age bracket. Does it have to funny? Does it have to heart-warming? Only you can decide in the end. Make sure your idea is original. Who knows, your homemade Youtube video gets viral in the days to come and the view counter reaches a million mark. The possibilities are endless!

6. Becoming an Online Tutor

If extra cash means having to teach and help high school students with their Calculus homework, then I might as well have it! With websites like Tutor.com, you can sign up to be a tutor for different subjects which will earn you extra cash. You do not have to be a licensed and accomplished educator. So long as you can comfortable discuss the subject with your students, then you are in! If you excel in English, then you may as well put English as your specialization when you sign up. Of course, do not offer Mathematics in your services when you struggled with Math in your college days and had to take it three times just to pass.

There you have it! These are just six of the many unusual ways to earn money without having to leave your house. Many people have said goodbye to their regular day jobs and gone full-time working from home. But working from home is not for everyone. You can try the things mentioned above and see for yourself if it is a good fit. If you wish to share your stories about earning money online or just general comments, feel free to leave them below. I would be delighted to hear from you!

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