The Complete Guide on Mastering Weekly Reflections and Goal Setting

This is a guest post submitted by Nicole Tinkham.

You will never reach your big yearly goals (you know, the ones you set back in January for the new year) if you never set milestones along the way. It’s typical to set goals at the start of the year, become motivated for the first month and then push them aside thinking you have plenty of time to achieve them. Before you know it, it’s the end of the year and nothing has been accomplished. I’ve done this thousands of times and finally became fed up with the vicious cycle.

It was time for me to move forward and achieve my goals for once. Through the goal setting process, I’ve discovered a simple system that can work for anyone, even the most unorganized/unplanned person around! Read on for a complete guide on mastering weekly reflections and how it can drastically change the way you view goals.

Set the Goals

goalsDetermine what you want to accomplish, being as specific as possible with a set deadline. Be realistic about your goals but dare to push yourself and step out of your comfort zone.

Once you have the goal in place, brainstorm all the tasks you must complete in order to make that goal happen within the deadline you set for yourself. For example, if you want to start your own clothing shop, you will have to do your research (how to get started with your own business, different brands and styles of clothing and how to save money to invest in a business) and all of these need to be set as separate tasks.

Now that you have the big goal broken down into smaller tasks, it’s time to set smaller weekly goals.

Get Focused

Stay FocusedWhen reflecting and goal setting, it’s important to be completely focused and consistent each and every week. Set a time and day to reflect when nothing and no one will interrupt you. Get in your happy place (mine is curled up on the couch with my puppy and a cup of coffee at 5am on a Saturday morning) and ask yourself the following questions:

What did I do well this past week?

Always start on a positive note and list all of the things you did really well in the past week. Compare your goals from that week with what you actually did and jot down 3-5 things that you can confidentially say you did well.

What do I need to work on?

Try not to word this question as “what didn’t I do well?”. It brings on a negative vibe to your reflection that’s unnecessary. Instead, accept the areas you are lacking and focus on them as you move forward. Think of a few areas (2-5) that you can improve on in the upcoming week.

What are my weekly goals?

Looking at the things you need to improve on or do more of and your task list that aligns to your big goal, set a few weekly goals for yourself. I usually write down between 3 and 5 goals, depending on the size of the goal and how involved it is.

How will I take action on my weekly goals?

Without taking action, your weekly goals will never be accomplished. This means that those New Year goals probably won’t happen either. The key ingredient here is ACTION. You must put in the work to achieve the goal. Ask yourself, what action steps can I take this week to complete my weekly goals and tasks? Put this action plan into your calendar and schedule time for it.

Follow through

Chase Goals

Write your goals on a calendar, put it in your phone, tell a friend or anything else you need to do to help you stick to your word. You need this accountability to stay on task and achieve incredible things in your life. I chat with my success partner every week to talk about the bulleted questions above. She keeps me on top of things and pushes me harder than if I were goal setting alone.

If you’ve set some goals in the past that you never ended up following through with, end that trend right here right now. Get focused, grab a notebook, and prepare for success this time around. Each week evaluate yourself by asking what you did well, what you need to work on, goals for the following week, and an action plan to make them happen. It’s a super simple system that actually works!

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