10 Things to Do After Publishing a Blog Post

We all write posts for our blogs and publish them at regular intervals. Some may publish few times a week while others might publish only few times a month. But do you have a checklist which you follow every time after you publish a post?

What to Do After I Hit the Publish Button?

Confused? I mean do you have a checklist which contains all the things you should do after publishing a new blog post. Well if you don’t have one, you are at a significant loss. You cannot follow the “pray and preach approach”. In order to get some eye balls on your blog posts, you need to promote it well.

Don’t worry we are at your rescue. Follow this checklist to be at the top when it comes to promoting your post. Do try to follow this list each time you publish a new blog post.

1. Pin It

Most people neglect Pinterest as a useful social platform. Well, you are missing on a huge social traffic if you’re doing so. Your blog doesn’t need to be a food blog or fashion blog to share images on Pinterest. It works well for every niche if strategically used.


First, pin the image onto your board. After few days start pinning your image onto different other relevant boards. Make sure your images contain a description and an alt tag.

2. Share Your Posts on Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter are the biggest social platforms you can use to promote your blog posts. Try to share your blog posts on both of these platforms.

Share your posts using your personal profile and also the blog’s profile. Try not only to share the URL but explain why they should read your post. This way people are more attracted to your posts and will be keen in reading them too.

Twitter is another great place to share your blog posts. You can easily tag someone to let them know you have mentioned them. With Twitter, I like to share my posts with at least 2-3 relevant hashtags and a suitable image. Hashtags are very crucial when it comes to Twitter. It can provide you with the extra boost to your tweets.

In my opinion, you should follow the 80-20 rules which means spend 20% of your time creating content and 80% of time promoting that content.

3. Respond to Comments

Responding to Comments is very critical to any blog. It doesn’t matter whether you have a baby blog or a giant one. Its readers who are helping you to grow, so make sure you value them. It helps you build a strong relation with your readers. And also develops a sense of ownership in readers.

Try to comment on the first ten-twenty comments if not all. Believe you me, this tactic is definitely going to help you grow at an unimaginable pace.

4. Email Your Readers

If you are not capturing emails in 2016, you are a goner. Time has drastically changed in the past few years. Time had gone when people used to subscribe blogs using RSS feeds. You don’t even see them on blogs now.

Email marketing is very important if you want to stay in the game. Try to mail your readers the blog post with a suitable introduction to the post. Make sure you don’t tell them the key elements of the post in the mail itself. Make sure your excerpts are engaging and arise the interest of your readers. This way, out of curiosity, the recipient will have to open your post and read it.

5. Keep an Eye on the Stats

Monitor your statistics as to how well your new blog post has performed. Google Analytics is the recommended tool for analyzing your readers and posts. It will help you know if you have hit the bulls-eye or not.

Try to check the on-page time as well. If it is too low, then your post may be lacking information that your reader was expecting to get fro your blog post.

6. Make it Resourceful

Instead of writing posts by breaking big topics or guides, try writing one big resourceful page. This way Google will value the posts more which will ultimately result in higher ranking. Try to update your post every few weeks to help maintain the search engine rankings.

You can update by adding extra points that come to your mind or by adding new strategies and methods. Craft your blog posts in a way that they remain the ultimate source of information for your readers and they don’t have to check for other blogs for same information.

7. Share on Forums

Forums are a great place to share your good stuff with the readers. Try not to spam your posts as it won’t be of any use. Link out to your posts when it is very relevant to the discussion, otherwise refrain from linking.

Many forums have thousands of active members. You just need the right strategy to drive the tons of targeted traffic to your blog.

8. Link Round-Ups

If you feel your post is epic and resourceful, you can try for link roundups. Many prominent blogs including ProBlogger have weekly round-ups where they feature the best articles published in the past week.


You just need a good article and a professional mail to make sure your blog post makes it to the roundup list next time. It will not only help you get a backlink but will also drive lots of targeted traffic to your blog.

9. Monitor Rankings

We all post in the hope that some day our post will rank on the first page of Google. Make sure you track your position for different keywords from the first day. This helps you better understand the progress of your rankings.

If your rankings are stuck at some place, it’s time to improve off-page SEO and update your content. You should even monitor your competitors so  that you can replicate some of their strategies to beat them in rankings.

10. Schedule your Social Profiles

If you have some bucks to invest, then do it in a tool which provides you social automation. It will make your life simpler and help you chill out. It is a  great method to improve your social engagement and traffic. These tools enable you to schedule your posts not only on your blog but also schedule social media posts.


If you think you suck at social media marketing, you can use some of the best social media management tools available in the market.

You need to understand the importance of content marketing in order to get the word out to the readers as well as influencers. Following this checklist ensures that you are heading in the right direction. If you would like to share any useful tip that worked for you, feel free to share with me and I would love to feature your voice in this list.

Make sure you share the post if you feel it is worth sharing. I strongly believe that this checklist helps you get more traffic and soar you higher in rankings.

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