Prerna Sinha from MaaOfAllBlogs ranked among Top 20 Mommy Bloggers of India

Today we have with us, Prerna Sinha, the founder of MaaOfAllBlogs. Prerna has been recently ranked among top 20 mommy bloggers of India which is a huge achievement knowing the fact that women of this region are not considered as enthusiastic as the women from Europe and America. The women of sub-continent are considered to be more focused towards taking care of family and other domestic matters. Prerna has broken all the barriers and proved that women of India are no less than anyone and they can unleash their potential by working hard. Without any further delay, let’s move to the interview.

MaaOfAllBlogs Top 20 Mommy Bloggers of India

1. Briefly introduce yourself.

Thanks Aqib. I’m Prerna, a fashion designer by profession, an economics graduate, have worked in the garments industry for almost a decade and always have a lot to say about everything. I’m a full time mom and unlike the working women, the only break I get is when I fall off on my bed.

2. What was your motivation behind starting this blog? Share your story with us.

I was pretty much a full time mommy, until I started penning down my thoughts in a blog like how you would write a diary. Also being the first one among my friends and family to have a kid, people used to turn me for advise. I realized this had potential when my blogs with mommy advise were shared by emails among friends like a bible :). Slowly but steadily, it has taken it’s own identity and today I am a full time work-at-home mommy blogger.

3. How does it feel to be one of the Top 20 Mommy Bloggers of India?

It feels gratifying and am really happy to be listed among Top 20 mommy bloggers of India. It’s a fruit of labor and patience. Hard work definitely pays off.

4. It would have been a tough ride. Mention some of your biggest challenges in blogging career.

I am technologically challenged. I don’t understand SEO and keywords much. I wish I did, and that would have really helped me a lot. While I handle almost all other aspects of the blog, the tech stuff I have to depend on someone, which is a challenge. I blog atleast 4-5 times a week, which is a huge time investment and really takes a toll sometimes. To think of topics and to work on it takes all my time.

5. Can you name a few bloggers or blogs that you follow and who inspire you the most?

I always look out for inspiration and love to follow some wonderful mommy blogs. Heather’s ( was the first blog i started following. Love the personal touch she brings to each post. In Indian mommy blogs I admire Shruti from ( , she is so creative and her blog is beautiful. There is also Hema from (, being a doctor her advise is sound and so many mommies head to her site. I wish to be fabulous like them someday.

6. Most of the new bloggers struggle with promoting their content. What strategies are you using to promote your content?

I share my content in different FB groups following all rules of those groups, so no spamming! This is my favourite social media tool as most mommies are Facebook friendly. But if you’re a fashion blogger then Instagram and Pinterest are the way to go.

7. Content is king. What is your belief about delivering quality content to the readers?

I totally agree to this and this is why my job gets difficult. I always wonder while writing a post why will readers want to click it open? Am I making it enticing enough for them? While I can’t do Hollywood/Bollywood gossip or tech stuff( two things that get the most traffic) on my blog as it’s a parenting blog, I try my best to offer something fun or valuable with a perky heading and a cover page to catch the reader’s attention.

8. How do you currently monetize and plan to monetize your blog in future?

Google Adsense has not worked for me but I do a lot of collaborations with brands and get paid for it. I also do paid reviews at times.

9. Where do you see yourself in 1 year from now?

I have no idea, but would like to be the ‘fit mommy blogger’ of the year 🙂 and hopefully on the top of the list next time.

10. You are an inspiration to many. What is your message to all the mommies who want to start a career in blogging?

I started the blog with just sharing my thoughts. But as time passed brands discovered me. That’s when Eureka happened and I realized that this was a really flexible entrepreneurial opportunity. I could write whenever I wanted, and whatever I wanted. I could be the voice and a shoulder to cry on and earn while doing that. I can be travelling and schedule my posts, my house help may not arrive one day but I don’t have to miss a day at work(blog). So I think any mom who has an inclination to write should try this as an option. You could do recipes, if you don’t like writing much. There is so much scope here.

11. What is the best way to connect with you?

To know what am I up-to, check out my tweets.
To follow my adventures head here.
And to read my posts go to my Facebook page.


Thank you Prerna for taking out the time for this interview. I wish you a great blogging career and may you succeed by leaps and bounds in the years to come.


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